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The Joy of Learning: It's a Life Long Process
Arasu Chellaiah, Ph.D.
Senior Electives

Course Description
In order to cope with the ever increasing knowledge and developments in dentistry, students need to become superior learners and develop a passion for life-long learning. This course aims to accomplish the following: 1) Recent developments in the fields of brain research and psychology of learning 2) Specific techniques such as mind mapping (radiant learning) and Socratic-method 3) Through class room exercises and assignments, students will be empowered to identify their unique learning style and intelligences. 4) Students will receive instructions and online help on speed reading, memory and creative problem solving techniques.

Lecture Topics

1) Advances in brain research relevant to accelerated learning, Advances in educational psychology on maximal realization of one’s learning potential

2) Mind Mapping and its application for lifelong learning and success, Speed reading techniques

3) Speed reading review, Multiple intelligences and learning styles, Socratic-method of learning

4) Techniques to enhance memory, Creative problem solving


All sessions of this elective are from 1:00-3:00 p.m. in room 9105.

Friday, February 13

Friday, February 20

Friday, March 6