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Senior ElectivesAcademic Affairs

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This 2013-2014 academic year, Year 4 dental students are required to take 2 electives. Electives will be offered in both the fall and spring semester. Elective registration is processed through an online form. 

When choosing your elective, please make sure you:  (1) check your schedule carefully to ensure you are available to attend all sessions of your elective; (2) check to ensure your elective choices don't have schedules that overlap.

NOTES:  1. Your attendance to all sessions of your chosen elective(s) is mandatory to achieve a passing grade.

                2. Clerkships, with the exception of the Diamond Scholars Program, do not satisfy senior elective requirements.

REGISTRATION: Online Elective Registration Form (Login to myDENT to access form)

Questions regarding senior electives should be directed to: 

Mrs. Ellen Seed

Spring 2014 Offerings

Esthetic Dentistry (CAPACITY:  50 students)

Implant Dentistry (CAPACITY:  50 students) 

Nutrition and Nutraceuticals for Dental Professionals (CAPACITY: 18 students) CANCELLED

OFP DDx:  Cases, Cases, Cases (CAPACITY:  7 students) CANCELLED

Overview of Clinical Anesthesia and Sedation (CAPACITY:  50 students)

Professional Presentations in Clinical Dentistry (CAPACITY:  10 students)

The Joy of Learning:  It's a Life Long Process (CAPACITY:  20 students) CANCELLED

The Multimillion Dollar Practice:  How to Build It; How to Enjoy It (CAPACITY:  50 students)

Teaching Technology - Part 2  (CAPACITY:  10 students)

Translational Research Conferences  (CAPACITY:  see course description)