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OFP DDx:  Cases, Cases, Cases
Dr. Vanessa Benavent
Senior Electives

Course Description

Eight hours of small group sessions of orofacial pain (OFP) case discussions, presented in a grand rounds format that reinforces the student taking a directed pain history and formulating a differential diagnosis (DDx).  Students are guided through the thought process of developing a DDx through interpretation of the patients' presenting signs and symptoms.  The interpretation of medical diagnostic imaging, including panoramic, MRI and CT studies, will be included.  Students completing the elective will have an increased understanding of the DDx process and learn valuable "red-flag" findings that should prompt further evaluation of a pain patient. 


All sessions of this elective are from 1:00-3:00 p.m. in room 9105.

Monday, August 25

Monday, September 29

Monday, September 6

Monday, October 20