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Contemporary Operative Dentistry - Taking a Less Invasive Approach
Dr. Eric Levine
Senior Electives

Course Description

The course is designed to introduce the student to the contemporary management of dental caries.

The management of caries has moved from strictly a reparative process toward a less invasive approach.  The contemporary approach to operative dentistry incorporates a minimally invasive technique toward diagnosis, cavity design and material selection.  This course will outline the current research as it relates to newer materials and techniques in the management of dental caries.  Topics to be covered include:

CAMBRA – Putting the Paradigm Shift into Action

Lesion Detection and Management

Proactive Intervention Dentistry

The Role of Saliva in the Caries Process


All sessions of this elective will take place from 1:00-3:00 p.m. in room 9105.

Friday, October 17

Friday, October 24

Friday, October 31