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Equipment Available to Loan

1 Digital Camcorder 

The Dental School recently acquired a Mini DV camcorder for video taping lectures and guest speakers.  This camera records audio and video, digitally, so there is no loss in quality when the recording is transferred to the computer.  From the computer the recording can be edited and then the file or DVD can be circulated.  The camera uses Mini DV tapes, which can be obtained from Best Buy or Circuit City.  These DV tapes come in 60, 80, and 120 minute lengths. 

Available accessories include:

- 90 minute battery (standard battery is only 60 minutes long) 
- power cable can be used instead of the battery
- tripod
- shotgun microphone (This is a directional microphone that picks up the speaker and filters out ambient noise)

 1 Video-conferencing

The Dental School recently acquired a Polycom videoconferencing system. This system operates over the internet through the school’s network. This system is be used inside the Dental School only.

 The system includes:

- 32” TV (though it can be connected to a projection unit)
- Camera
- Microphone

 2 Laptops

Portable computers for school related presentations are available.  These laptops run Windows XP Pro, similar to your work desktop.  It has a CD/DVD drive and USB ports for removable storage. Portable LCD projectors are available.

2 Mobile Projection Systems

These systems include a LCD projector and a computer on a wheeled cart to be used inside the dental school.  

 1 VCR

VCRs are available for use in lecture halls and conference rooms. They can be connected to the podium or used with the wall jacks in the conference rooms in order to be displayed through the projector systems in these areas.

 1 TV & VCR

Available on a portable cart this equipment can be wheeled to locations inside the building to view a VHS tape.

 1 Overhead/Transparency Projector

Projects transparencies onto a screen.

 2 Slide Projector(s)

 Portable projector for presenting slides.

1 Portable Projection Screen

6 foot wide screen to project onto using a Slide Projector or a LCD Projector. 

3 Document Camera

Works much like an overhead or transparency projector.  Has a camera looking down which can project through a LCD projector, books, models, paper or transparancies using the built in backlight.  Can also capture demonstrations when performed on the "stage" of the system.

 DVD Player

Lecture halls can play DVD's through the PC's installed in the podiums.  For conference rooms, the portable projection systems mentioned above will provide the same opportunity.

1 Teleconferencing unit

This unit allows you to connect to remote locations over a standard telephone line for audio only teleconferences.  It’s a speaker system with separate microphones so that teleconference sessions can be heard clearly allowing multiple people to participate.  This system requires access to a standard telephone line, such as the phone jack for a fax machine.  This unit is wireless between the wall jack and the table unit.

2 Digital Voice Recorders

A portable unit with built in microphone for recording lectures and meetings.  It records and stores the audio recordings digitally and will play on any Windows computer with Media Player. 

Available accessories: wired lapel microphone.

Equipment Reservations

Requests for equipment or services can be made by visiting the Learning Center or by calling (410) 706-2084, or by completing equipment requests by e-mail at Requests should be made as far in advance as possible. Every effort will be made to fill short notice requests.

Equipment is scheduled on a “First come, first served” basis.  Faculty members may arrange to pick up and return equipment themselves if they are familiar with using the equipment. For those who need assistance in using the equipment, we ask that you contact Doug Brotherton  X 61324.  

Please notify us, as soon as possible, if you need to cancel a submitted request.


Lecture Captures

See Mediasite

Pictures for the Dental School Web site

Pictures can be taken for the Web site, simply contact Doug Brotherton  or by calling X 6-1324.

Video Conferencing

Faculty can schedule a video conferencing session with a remote location. Advance notice is required to verify the connection and equipment compatibility. Contact Doug Brotherton or by calling X 6-1324.


Faculty can schedule an audio-only conferencing session with a remote location. Advance notice is required to verify the connection and equipment compatibility.  Contact Doug Brotherton or by calling X 6-1324.


Demos Available!!

Doug Brotherton X 63124, is available and willing to demonstrate the use of any and all our AV equipment, including lecture hall and conference room technology.  If you are interested in a demo please email or call Doug to make the arrangements.

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