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RomexisInformation Technology

About Romexis

Romexis is the digital radiographic imaging software used in the School of Dentistry since 2006. The combination of Romexis software with Planmeca digital imaging equipment has completely replaced traditional “film” radiology. Radiographic images are stored on a centralized server and can be viewed from any clinic workstation or faculty office.


Your Romexis User Group

Each Romexis user is assigned to a “User Group”. The User Group settings determine what functions, permissions and privileges are assigned to the user. For example, certain users, including undergraduate dental and hygiene students, are not permitted to make radiographic exposures without faculty approval. This restriction is controlled by the User Group settings.


Where to look for Online Help

Romexis Cheat Sheets, Training Documents and PowerPoint Presentations can be accessed from within Axium by clicking “Help” on the toolbar at the top of the screen.