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Information Technology

TP Data Acquisition Tool – Produced by Dr. Ulla Arvidson Bufano

“ This multimedia treatment planning data acquisition tool facilitates gathering and recording of standardized data at a patient’s initial visit. It incorporates images, videos and text. The project was a collaboration between the Educational Technology center and the course-directors for the seven disciplines involved in a patient work-up visit.”

See Clinical Datasheet Learning Object (Need network userid and Password for access)More


ENDO 522 Course Web Page - Produced by Dr. Priya Chand

The instructional learning object's goal was to centralize the introduction to endodontics and course material.

Endo 522 Learning ObjectMore


Electronic Oral Health Project - Produced by Lisa Bress

Junior dental hygiene students were required to develop an electronic oral health education tool that incorporates concepts presented in the dental hygiene curriculum. The assignment serves both to evaluate students' comprehension of course material and as an oral health education aide for patients to view while in the dental chair.  Ms. Lisa Bress created the conception and execution of this project. Julie Gilliam developed the instructional design and the Class of 2009 contributed their creative and informative projects.

Electronic Oral Health ProjectMore


FOUN 518A Course Video - Produced by Dr. Bradbury

Compilation and collection of all of restorative dentistry practices for FOUN 518A

FOUN 518A Course Video Learning ObjectMore


OSCE - Produced by Carroll Ann Trotman and Dr. Judith Porter

Object Structured Clinical Examination learning object utilizes case scenario videos to test dental student's clinical knowledge.


Treatment Planning Case Seminar - Produced by Dr. Ulla Bufano

Practical instructional learning object providesg treatment planning case scenarios to perfect the patient interviewing process.

TP Case Seminar Learning Object More


Virtual Dental School - Produced by Dr. Carroll Ann Trotman

The University of Maryland Dental School’s Virtual Dental School was designed as a tool that provides students with the opportunity to engage in authentic simulations, involving a variety of different patients and dental histories, as well as to practice clinical procedures and collaborate in research and discussion of the challenges in the field of dentistry with peers and faculty.

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Students Bolster Learning With New Virtual Dental School More