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Title: A Compact Periodontic View or How to Fit More When You Are Out of Screen Space

Authors: Kathy Martin, Gregory Zeller
Purpose: Demonstrate an approach to show eleven periodontal conditions in a format designed for only eight per arch. Abstract: Electronic periodontal charting programs may accept input and draw discrete lines, dots, or text. Most have limitations of the number of maximum conditions that can be accepted and displayed. By analyzing the condition similarities and revamping input parameters, we have developed a periodontal condition strategy that combines like conditions to create a view of eleven conditions in a format made to handle eight conditions on each arch for the facial and lingual views. Combining "Plaque" and "Calculus" as well as "Bleeding" and Suppuration" into single conditions shows an increased degree of condition problem as the value increases and the resultant chart display becomes an easy read of the maximum conditions. Other conditions in this compact display are: MGJ, MG Involvement, Furcation Involvement, Clinical Attachment Loss, Pocket Depth, Mobility, and FGM-CEJ. This periodontal approach demonstrates that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Conclusion: Getting more out of less may seem an unattainable goal, but grouping similar conditions can drive display compression and allow a more comprehensive view.

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