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Job Descriptions for Dental School OIT Department

Network, Desktop and A/V Support

 Jeff Plotkin
Responsible for the core networking infrastructure switches, firewall, and wireless network.  Maintains configurations and is available to help out with system and desktop issues when necessary.  He is also a member of the campus-wide Technical Standards Committee.
Steve Matuschek
Responsible for desktop support throughout the school, maintains and configures PC’s, printers and other peripherals.
Penn Wilbert
Responsible for desktop support throughout the school, maintains and configures PC’s, printers and other peripherals. 

James Schiaffino
Responsible for desktop support throughout the school, maintains and configures PC's, printers and other peripherals.
Douglas Brotherton
Responsible for the AV functions within the school.  Maintains AV and distance learning equipment in classrooms.  He has also been assigned as a technical contact with the school’s curriculum director and is a member of the campus-wide Technology Classroom Committee.

OIT System Administrator/Microsoft Exchange Administrator

Stephen Gray and Galina Arbitman


Install, configure, and manage production Dental School computing systems & servers and their associated operating systems
• Manage Microsoft Exchange, NT, Windows 2000, IIS, Active Directory
• Monitor operations of computing resources for security compliance (e.g. security patches, virus protection, etc) and performance optimization 
• Plan and implement hardware and software upgrades resources
• Collaborate with the clients and/or other members of the team such as dental school computer users, application development, database, and data communications personnel
• Troubleshoot and resolve problems with both servers and client workstations
• Mange the school’s Dell server hardware; (e.g. models 6650, 2650)
• Manage and monitor computer system backup and recovery mechanism with Veritas Backup Exec software suite utilizing Dell Power vault and DLT drives
• Assist with ongoing support and maintenance of the AxiUm system

Clinical Application Support, Help Desk and Student Learning Center

Chhaya Shah
Chhaya is primarily responsible for providing support and development of the Dental School Clinic Information System, Axium and any other Dental School Applications assigned to her by the Dean’s office.  She is the liaison to the Dental School Systems and Network support Teams to help support the server and client needs of the Dental School.  She is a HIPAA security liaison as well as serves on the Campus IT Steering Committee, Dental School Learning Technology Committee, New Building Transition Team, and Axium Implementation.  She is the Project Manager to implement Digital Radiology and Electronic Patient Record in the Dental School.  She overlooks the Axium Training Lab and supports a variety of training sessions on a variety of software products and applications.

Kathy Martin
Kathy is responsible for implementing and supporting many of Axium’s key modules.  In the past specific focus has been on the development and implementation of Axium’s Appointment Scheduler, Dental Chart, Treatment Entry, Grading and Dispensary Modules.  Training, development of help documentation, reports and user security access rules as well as improving upon the efficient use of Axium in all the clinical processes and EPR development are her additional responsibilities.

David Gipe
David is responsible for training and supporting Axium’s Dental Chart, Treatment Entry and Grading.  Additionally he is assisting with the development and integration of the EPR and Orthodontic Digital Modeling.  He has developed grading reports and developed a validation suite to test each new Axium release.  He has added responsibilities under Dr. Josell in the Post Graduate Orthodontic program.  David’s expertise is statistical reporting which will be utilized when reporting requirements are defined for digital radiology and electronic patient record.

Tim Hsu
Tim is the data base administrator in charge of supporting multiple Axium databases and servers along with the back end Oracle support.  He manages backups and supports disaster recovery plans.  He downloads and deploys Axium releases and documentation and assists the application team in correcting Axium data.  He is also the liaison to the Dental School Server and Network groups as support is needed for the Axium application.  He is the Exan liaison for trouble shooting performance issues in Axium and Oracle.  His future assignment will be to support the back end of digital radiology applications.

JoAnn Walker
JoAnn is the Administrative Assistant for the Office of Information Technology.  She handles office supplies and paperwork like timesheets, purchasing forms, and travel arrangements and reimbursement for all OIT staff.  She assists in the preparation and distribution of the Axium password/swipe card packets.  She assists in the management of the STC, workstations, print plus program and AV equipment and materials reservations and checkout when necessary.  She is the Help Desk Support for the Dental School and has provided support to develop documents like the Clinic Manual.  She supports the OIT website on the Dental School’s web page and the Exchange password management support.  Her duties will include Content Management System support.  Joann is also the Work Study supervisor for the student projectionists and alternate supervisor for the student Learning Center assistants, keeping their timesheets and payment records.

Patricia Ali
Pat manages and coordinates the Dental School Student Technology Center where she assists faculty and students with software programs, scanning and printing.  She helps students with preparation of case presentations (scanning, inserting documents and pictures into PowerPoint, use of LCD projectors and AV equipment).  Assistance is also provided for faculty and students with computer problems in Lecture Halls & Conference rooms.  She instructs faculty in use of Large Screen Projectors and various AV equipment as needed.  She handles reservations for computer and AV equipment, copies VHS and DVD programs as needed, and manages distribution and sign sheets for Bloodborne Pathogens & HIPPA materials.  Pat assists in obtaining photographs of new students & faculty for composites posted on Web along with editing them with the help of Photoshop.  She coordinates the Learning Center orientation for incoming students and manages the Student Technology Center Web page in Content Management System.  Her Axium role includes preparation and distribution of Axium password materials and assisting the Axium support team as needed.  Pat provides Help desk support, Exchange password management support and is the back-up OIT Administrative Assistant.

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