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The Educational Technology program supports the Mission and Vision of the Dental School.  To enable (Dental School faculty, staff, and students) learning without limits (anytime and anyplace) through effective and innovative technologies, e-learning & pedagogy, and support services provided by the IT staff.  The vision is to transform the way education is provided to the incoming classes of Dental students that is done by using e-learning course modules which are interactive and engaging.

Goals and Objectives

Stimulate and support a dynamic educational environment in the Dental School community.

  • Encourage faculty creativity through the innovative use of existing and emerging technologies in order to enhance instruction.
  • Establish a mechanism to receive input from the Dental School community to improve the use of educational technologies.
  • Develop and support innovative e-curriculum initiatives for teaching and learning by using appropriate educational technologies/solutions by providing excellent training.
  • Develop school-wide, department-specific and/or content-specific technology objectives and define ways to meet these objectives by using appropriate software/hardware application packages.
  • Permeate technology throug-out the curriculum and clinical experience

Deliver world-class education that addresses diverse learning styles and supports a customizable and modular curriculum.

  • Integrate appropriate technologies into curriculum plan and course modules to address diverse learning styles.
  • Incorporate appropriate technologies to track student performance and manage student progression.
  • Develop, support, and collaborate distance education program by using remote technologies available on campus and then establish a center in-house.
  • Prepare our students for a life and career in a swiftly developing technological age.
  • Monitor effectiveness of educational program.

Improve administrative and support systems to meet the needs of the Dental School Community.

  • Develop contemporary policies and procedures that address the use of information technology.
  • Support students in their use of educational technologies available in the School.
  • Support ongoing outcomes assessment program.

Contact us at

Ms. Savithramma Sanjoy
(410) 706-5808
650 West Baltimore Street, G414
Baltimore, MD 21201

Dr. James Craig
(410) 706-3388
650 West Baltimore Street, G412
Baltimore, MD 21201

 Ms. Julie Gilliam
 650 West Baltimore Street, G402
Baltimore, MD 21201

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