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Tech Tips and Topics

Tech Tips and Topics is designed to provide useful information to technology users.  If you have suggestions for additional Tips and Topics....please forward them to Dr. James Craig

*Some of the links below are very large files and may take time to load. Please be patient. Thank you.

Campus Classroom Inventory

Directions for accessing the campus classroom inventory.
Need a classroom? Use this tool to electronically find a classroom based on location, size, features and technology.

Lecture Hall Technology

Using the touch screen technology in the new lecture halls
This is a PowerPoint presentation (no audio) that shows the basic steps.
For one-on-one training or questions regarding this system contact Doug Brotherton X6-1324

Conference Room Technology

Directions for using Conference Room presentation technology
For one-on-one training or questions regarding this system contact Doug Brotherton X 1324

Technology Tips and Technqiues


Making Your PowerPoint Presentation Secure
Prevents user from copying, saving or manipulating your PowerPoint presentation.
If you make it safe--be sure to write down the password or else you will NOT be able to modify your document!

Converting MSWord or PowerPoint documents to a PDF file
While converting your documents to a PDF file will make it more difficult to alter or modify your will not prevent it.

Using Test Questions in PowerPoint Presentation to Engage Students
Includes sample test questions and reference to presentation providing multiple

PowerPoint Slide Show Controls 
Key strokes to simplify controlling your PowerPoint presentation.

Compressing your PowerPoint presentations to reduce file size

Using screen captures to enhance your presentation or handout

Adding narration to your PowerPoint presentations

Presentation Tips
Suggestions for improving your presentations

Using performance terms to measure learner behavior

Preparing your images for presentation
Improving your image quality

PowerPoint Basics - Windows XP

PowerPoint - Cropping Images


Changing Your Information in the Campus Directory
PowerPoint presentation.  To access UMB Campus Portal

Defragmenting your computer

Deleting temporary Internet and History files

Updating Your Information on the Dental School's On-Line Directory


Using the Epson Expression 1680 Radiographic Scanner

Using the Nikon Coolscan III for scanning slides


Video sampler
Shows several examples of clinical footage. Interested in doing a video?  Contact Dr. James Craig

Videotape and Photography Consent Form
Form used to document permission from patient for use of video or photography of procedures, techniques or case documentation.

Writing a script for a video presentation and things to take into consideration

Technology Classes

e-Learning@UMB Do you want to learn Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, and Access? How about Change Management, Customer Service, or Stress Reduction?  UMB has a solution for you. An exciting new educational program called e-Learning@UMB offers faculty and staff over 2,000 online courses to enhance computer, business and orgazational skills. Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at NO COST to employees or departments. Check out this educational opportunity.

The Health Sciences & Human Services Library offers a variety of classes on the use of technology for education and research...check this site for a wealth of information.

Web Development Manual for the Content Management System (CMS)

This manual provides step-by-step directions in using this software to make additions for modifications to our website by our web coordinators.

Training Manual (Large File)


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