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Lecture Capture Technology Using Mediasite

Mediasite is a lecture capture system that enables us to capture video and audio from the presenter along with whatever is processed through the computer, e.g. PowerPoint, Excel, MSWord and other applications.  This enables the viewer to revisit this presentation 24 X 7 and by clicking on an individual slide, to advance the audio to that particular area of the presentation without having to "fast-forward". Click HERE for a site that provides over 8,000 examples of lectures captured from many different fields.  These demonstrations have audio so please be sure your speakers are turned on and adjusted.  If you have questions,  please contact the Educational Technology Center or call 410-706-1324.

If you are planning to use lecture capture, please contact us using the reservation form below and submit it at least 3 days in advance.  Many faculty forward their course schedule which includes the lecture dates, times, location, lecture title and presenter to schedule all of their lectures for an entire semester.  The number of lecture capture systems is limited so requests will be scheduled on a first come first served basis.

NOTE:  Lectures will be saved for 4 years for Dental and 2 for Dental Hygiene to provide students reference to course material captured during their years at the Dental School.  Click here to view the CATALOG 

User Authentication Process for Gaining Access to Mediasite Presentations - need to logon in order to gain access to Mediasite presentations.

Mediasite Reservation Form - at least 3 days in advance PLEASE!

Directions for using the Mediasite Viewer - how to's for watching the presentation.

Podcasting Instructions - how to retrieve Mediasite Podcasts on your MP3 player.

Problems with Mediasite:  Please report all Mediasite related problems by sending an e-mail message to the campus HELPdesk so they can create a ticket. For issues that occur after 5pm Monday through Friday and on weekends, please call 410-706-help. 

Things To Remember:

  • You are responsible for SCHEDULING THE ROOM.
  • Mediasite is available in all the lecture halls and conference rooms on the ground floor.
  • The default setting for lecture capture places the streaming presentation in the upper left portion of the screen capturing everything written on the slide in real time, the captured slides appear on the right and are synchronized with audio.  You may fast forward or reverse the presentation or click on a particular slide to listen to the presentation.
  • Arrive early as you will need to be equipped with a microphone or you may use the one on the podium.
  • We encourage the use of the "head-set microphone" as the audio is more consistent due to the distance from your mouth.
  • Questions from the audience ARE NOT CAPTURED so please repeat the question before answering it.  A hand held wireless microphone is also available for this purpose, check with the AV staff for assistance
  • During your presentation, try not to "roam" and remain close to the podium.
  • If you want to emphasize something on a slide, use the "telestrator" as the cursor (mouse) or laser pointer will not be picked up by the capture system, but anything drawn on the slide with the telestrator will be captured real time in the streaming portion of the presentation.  When using the telestrator, DO NOT USE the laser setting (what is drawn appears and dissappears) as the drawing will not appear in the slide portion of the capture because it was not on the screen long enough to be captured.
  • The ETC staff plan on you using the "telestrator" to draw on you slides and will not capture the "talking head" in the capture.  If you want to vary this default setting, please let the AV staff know before your capture begins at 410-706-3124.
  • Each of the lecture halls is equipped with a direct phone line to the control room, just pick up the phone and you will be connected to the AV staff in case of difficulties or assistance any time before, during or after your presentation.
  • To gain access to the Mediasite catalog, click on User Authentication Process for Gaining Access to Mediasite Presentation
  • Upon completion of your capture, please leave the microphone at the podium.

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