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2014 All Alumni Reunion Weekend

Class Captains

If you would like more information about your class reunion plans, please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at 410-706-7146 or

Class of 1959
G. Jackson Phillips, DDS

Class of 1964
John Patterson, DDS

Class of 1969
Lincoln Frank, DDS

Class of 1974
Roy Eskow, DDS

Class of 1979
Eva Fiastro, DDS

Class of 1984
Clayton McCarl, DDS

Class of 1989
Nathaniel Bullock, DDS

Class of 1994
Seeking class captain -- email if you would like more information.

Class of 1999
Elise Penafiel, DDS

Class of 2004
Luke Morgan, DDS

Class of 2009
Vanessa Benavent, DDS