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Admissions Information


All application materials—including those forwarded from PASS—must be received by the University of Maryland on or before August 15.

All applicants to the Orthodontics program must submit their applications through PASS (Postdoctoral Application Support Service).  In order to receive a PASS application, you should contact:

1625 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Suite 101
Washington, DC 20036
fax (202) 332-9351, (202) 667-0642

Please be aware that the deadline for submitting materials to PASS is generally much earlier than the University of Maryland application deadline indicated above. 

After you submit all of your application documents through PASS, PASS will then forward your application materials to the University of Maryland.  You must allow sufficient time for processing by PASS so that your application is received by the University of Maryland no later than the application deadline indicated above.

Additionally, please submit the following documents directly to the Office of Admissions and Student Affairs in one master envelope:

  • the original completed University of Maryland Advanced Dental Education application form (no application fee is required)
  • official transcripts of your undergraduate course work
  • 2x2 photo

These documents should be placed in one master envelope and addressed to:

Orthodontics Program Admissions
Office of Admissions and Recruitment
University of Maryland, School of Dentistry
650 West Baltimore Street - Room 6407
6th Floor South - Dean's Suite
Baltimore, Maryland 21201

For selection of candidates, the Orthodontics Program participates in the National Matching Service. You must participate in the National Matching Service in order to be considered for selection for this program. You may contact the National Matching Service at:

National Matching Service
20 Holly Street, Suite 310
Toronto, Ontario  Canada  M4S 3B1
(416) 977-3431
fax (416) 977-5020

Applicants must register with the National Matching Service and agree to abide by the rules for the matching process.

All candidates accepted for admission into the Orthodontics Program must also complete the requirements for a Master of Science from the Graduate School. Candidates will receive Graduate School applications and information packets once they have been accepted into the Orthodontics program.