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Departmental Research

Dr. Maureen Stone

  • Stone, M, Liu, X, Zhuo, J, Gullapalli, R, Salama, A and Prince, JL (2009) Principal Component Analysis of Internal Tongue Motion in Normal and Glossectomy patients with primary Closure and Free Flap.  Proceedings of the Fifth B-J-K International Symposium on Biomechanics Healthcare and Information Science, Feb. 20-22, 2009, Kanazawa, Japan.  -PDF
  • Shinagawa, H, Murano, EZ, Zhuo, J, Landman, B, Gullapalli, RP, Prince, JL, Stone, M (2008) Human tongue muscle fiber tracking during rest and tongue protrusion with oral appliance: A preliminary study with diffusion tensor imaging., Acoust. Sci & Tech 29(4), 291-294. -PDF
  • Stone M, Liu X, Shinagawa, H, Murano EZ, Gullapalli R, Zhuo J, Prince J. (2008) Speech patterns in a muscular  hydrostat: muscle movement in a glossectomy flap patient. Proceedings of the Fourth B-J-K Symposium on Biomechanics, Healthcare and Information Science, March 13-14, 2008, Kanazawa, Japan.  -PDF
  • Stone, M., Stock, G., Bunin, K., Kumar, K., Epstein, M., Parthasarathy,V., Prince, J, Li, M., Kambhamettu, C. (2007)  Comparison of speech production in upright and supine position . J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 122(1), 532-541 -PDF
  • Stone, M., and Murano, E.Z. (2007) Speech patterns in a muscular hydrostat: normal and glossectomy tongue movement.  Proceedings of the Third B-J-K Symposium on Biomechanics, Healthcare and Information Science. p. 137-154 , March 16-17, 2007, Kanazawa, Japan.-PDF
  • Li, M., Kambhamettu, C., and Stone, M. (2007) Nonrigid motion recovery for 3D surfaces. Image and Video Computing., 25, 250-261 -PDF
  • Liu, X., Murano, E., Stone, M., and Prince, J.L., (2007), “HARP tracking refinement using seeded region growing,” Proc. Int’l Symp Biomed Imaging (ISBI).   -PDF