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Postgraduate Curriculum

Year 1
DBMS 533
Anat Temporomandibular Joint (Sec 02)
ORTHO 598AApplied Teaching
ORTH 588ABiomechanics
DBMS 638Biostatistics (Sec 02)
ORTH 578ACase Presentation Seminars
ORTH 569AClinic
PEDS 598ADevelopment of Dentition
ORTH 568ADiagnosis
DBMS608Introduction to OCBS
ORTH 577ALaboratory Technique
ORTH 586ALiterature Review
DBMS 625Mammln Oral Histol & Embryol
ORTH 587AMixed Dentition Seminar
ORTH 597AOrtho-Surgery Seminar
ORTH 579AResearch
ORTH 579ASeminar
DBMS 618Special Topics in Microbiology (Sec 04)
ORTH 589ATechnique Seminars
ORTH 567ATreatment Planning Seminar
ORTH 576ATypodont

Year 2
ORTH 598CApplied Teaching
ORTH 588EBiomechanics
ORTH 578CCase Presentation Seminars
ORTH 569CClinic
ORTH 586CLiterature Review
ORTH 587AMixed Dentition Seminar
DBMS 642Nociception/Pain/Analgesia
DBMS 631Oral Motor Function (Spring-odd yrs)
ORTH 597COrtho-Surgery Seminar
PERI 579BPeri-Orth Seminars
ORTH 587CPractice Management
ORTH 579CResearch
DBMS 799Research (MS)
DBMS 618Spec Topics in OCBS/Anatomy (Sec 02)
ORTH 589CTechnique Seminars

Year 3
ORTH 598EApplied Teaching
ORTH 578ECase Presentation Seminar
ORTH 569EClinic
DBMS 656Dental Toxicology
ORTH 586ELiterature Review
DBMS 619OCBS Seminar
DBMS 631Oral Motor Function (Spring-odd yrs)
ORTH 579EResearch
DBMS 799Research (MS)