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Mark (Zhi-Qing) Ma, Ph.D

Research Assistant Professor

Oncology and Diagnostic Sciences


My primary research is focused on developing experimental models for head and neck cancer and lung cancer using transgenic/ knockout technology as well as primary transplantation. Potential prognostic biomarkers and therapeutic targets are being evaluated in these model systems in aim to provide experimental evidence for optimization of targeted therapeutic regimen in clinical cancer therapy.


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2. ZQ Ma, Z Liu, Ngan ES and SY Tsai: Cdc25B functions as a novel coactivator for the steroid receptors. Molecular and Cellular Biology 21(23):8056-67, 2001.

3. S Chua, ZQ Ma, FJ DeMayo and SY Tsai: Ectopic expression of FGF-3 results in abnormal prostate and Wolffian duct development. Oncogene 21(12):1899-908, 2002.

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  • Medical Degree: University of Milan
  • Fellowship: Baylor College of Medicine