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Oral Medicine Program and the Clinical Fellows Program in Oral Pathology/Oral Medicine/VA Hospital Dentistry
Oncology and Diagnostic Sciences


The Department of Oncology and Diagnostic Sciences has established an Oral Medicine Program and Clinic within the school of dentistry. The goal of this Program is to assist in the diagnosis and management of soft and hard tissue pathologies other than caries and periodontal disease. As part of this goal, tracking and appropriate follow up of referred patients, relative to such lesions, will be accomplished and diagnosis, referral and management suggestions for private patients will be made.

At present, the clinic is accepting patients by appointment to be seen on Tuesday, Wednesday  and Thursday afternoons from 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Appointments are made through the emergency clinic and patient admissions staff, including Ms. Liz Camponeschi. At present, these patients are evaluated in a section of the Urgent Care/Patient Admissions facility on the first floor of the School of Dentistry.

Outside referrals from general practitioners and specialists are accepted. Private Practitioners, faculty and students referring patients should call 410-706-7956 and speak to Ms. Camponeschi to make the appointment.

Drs. Timothy Meiller and Dr. Karen Garber are  the attendings in the clinic and oversee all aspects of the operation of the program.

Appropriate fees for evaluation, biopsy and treatment will be charged to the patient's medical insurance. Fees for follow-up visits will also be submitted to medical insurance.