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Ronald Dubner, PhD, DDS

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Neural & Pain Sciences


Dr. Dubner

My research program through the years has focused on somatosensory mechanisms with an emphasis on pain. In recent years, we have developed animal models to study the changes taking place in the nervous system following tissue and nerve injury. Our studies are multidisciplinary in nature, including molecular, immuncytochemical, electrophysiological, pharmacological and behavioral approaches. We have developed rat inflammation and nerve injury models to study the altered neuronal processing and neurochemical changes that are induced by the increased and persistent neuronal barrage that follows injury. We are also engaged in translational studies in which the findings in the laboratory are examined in patients with complex persistent pain conditions.    

Presently, our research focuses on three major areas: 

  • Descending brain stem modulation of persistent pain and spinal cord neuronal plasticity
  • Neural and glial interactions 
  • Mechanisms of persistent orofacial pain