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Vanessa C Anseloni, PhD

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Neural & Pain Sciences



  • Alterations in stress-associated behaviors and neurochemical markers in adult rats after neonatal short-lasting local inflammatory insult (2005) Anseloni VCZ, He F, Novikova SI, Turnbach-Robbins M, Lidow IA, Ennis M, Lidow MS. Neuroscience. 131(3):635-45.

  • Ontogeny of analgesia elicited by non-nutritive suckling in acute and chronic pain rat models (2004) Anseloni VC, Ren K, Dubner R, Ennis M. Pain. 109(3):507-13.

  • Characterization of basal and re-inflammation-associated long-term alteration in pain responsivity following short-lasting neonatal local inflamatory insult (2004) Ren K, Anseloni V, Zou S-P, Wade EB, Novikova SI, Ennis M, Traub R J, Gold MS, Dubner R and Lidow M. S. Pain. 110(3):588-96.

  • Optimization of the mechanical nociceptive threshold testing with Randall-Selitto analgesy meter revisited (2003) Anseloni VC, Ennis M, Lidow MS. J. Neuroscience Methods. 131:93-7.

  • Age-Dependency Elicited by Intraoral Sucrose in Acute and Persistent Pain Models (2002) Anseloni VC, Weng HR, Terayama R, Letizia D, Davis BJ, Ren K, Dubner R, Ennis M. Pain. 97(1-2):93-103