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Man-Kyo Chung, DMD, PhD

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Neural & Pain Sciences

  • Joseph J, Wang S, Lee J, Ro JY, Chung MK.: Carboxy terminal domain of transient receptor potential vanilloid 1 contains distinct segments differentially involved in capsaicin- and heat-induced desensitization.J Biol Chem. 2013 (in press).[Full text]

  • Lee KS, Asgar J, Zhang Y, Chung MK, Ro JY. : The role of androgen receptor in transcriptional modulation of cannabinoid receptor type 1 gene in rat trigeminal ganglia. Neuroscience. 2013 (in press). [Full text]

  • Chung MK, Cho YS, Bae YC, Lee J, Zhang X, Ro JY. :Peripheral G protein-coupled inwardly rectifying potassium channels are involved in δ-opioid receptor-mediated anti-hyperalgesia in rat masseter muscle. Eur J Pain. 2013 (in press). [Full text]

  • Chung M.K. : Targeting TRP channels for pain relief: TRPV1 and beyond. The Open Pain Journal 6 (Suppl 1:M2), 8-9, 2013. [Full text]
  • Huang S.M., Chung M.K.*: Targeting TRPV3 for the development of novel analgesics. The Open Pain Journal Hot Topics Issue on TRP Channels, The Open Pain Journal 6 (Suppl 1:M12) 119-126, 2013. [Full text]

  • Saloman J.L., Chung M.K., Ro, J.Y. : P2X3 and TRPV1 functionally interact and mediate sensitization of trigeminal sensory neurons. Neuroscience, in press, 2012. [Full text]

  • Lee J., Chung M.K., Ro J.Y.: Activation of NMDA receptors leads to phosphorylation of TRPV1 S800 by protein kinase C and A-Kinase anchoring protein 150 in rat trigeminal ganglia. Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 424(2):358-63, 2012.
    [Full text]

  • Chung M.K.*, Jue S.S., Dong X.: Projection of non-peptidergic afferents to mouse tooth pulp, J Dent Res,91:777-782, 2012. [Full text]

    Mrgprd-expressing afferents are projected to mouse molar pulp. Mouse tooth pulp of Mrgprd-GFP knock-in mice was labeled by GFP and DAPI. GFP labels non-peptidergic afferent terminals and DAPI labels nucleus of tooth pulp cells. (J Dent Res, 2012)
  • Lee J., Saloman J.L., Weiland G. Auh Q.S., Chung M.K., Ro J.Y.: Functional interactions between NMDA receptors and TRPV1 in trigeminal sensory neurons mediate mechanical hyperalgesia in the rat masseter muscle, Pain, 153:1514-1524, 2012. [Full text]

  • Wang S., Lee J., Ro J.Y., Chung M.K.* : Warmth suppresses and desensitizes damage-sensing ion channel TRPA1, Mol Pain, 8:22, 2012.  PMCID:PMC3348001   [Full text]

    TRPA1 heat
    Agonist activation of TRPA1 is suppressed at warm temperature (Mol Pain, 2012).
  • Chung M.K.*, Lee J., Duraes G., Ro J.Y.: Lipopolysaccharide-induced Pulpitis Up-regulates TRPV1 in Trigeminal Ganglia, J Dent Res, 90: 1103-1107, 2011.  [Full text]

    Application of LPS to mouse molar upregulates TRPV1 in trigeminal ganglia (TG). A. TRPV1-expressing TG neurons retrogradely labeled from mouse molar using fluorogold. B. Western-blot assay in TG. (J Dent Res, 2011)
  • Chung M.K., Wang S.: Cold suppresses agonist-induced activation of TRPV1, J Dent Res, 90:1098-1102, 2011. [Full text]

    Agonist activation of TRPV1 is additively suppressed by the combination of cold temperature and a specific antagonist (AMG9810) (J Dent Res, 2011).
  • Chung M.K., Jung S.J., and Oh S.B. : Role of TRP Channels in Pain Sensation, Adv Exp Med Biol. 704:615-36, 2011. [Full text]
  • Huang S.M., Lee H., Chung M.K., Park U., Yu Y.Y., Bradshaw H.B., Coulombe P.A., Walker J.M., Caterina M.J.: Overexpressed transient receptor potential vanilloid 3 ion channels in skin keratinocytes modulate pain sensitivity via prostaglandin E2. J Neurosci, 28:13727-13737, 2008.  [Full text]

  • Chung M.K., Guler A.D., Caterina M.J.: TRPV1 shows dynamic ionic selectivity during agonist stimulation. Nature Neuroscience, 11:555-564, 2008. [Full text   

    TRPV1 pore
    Agonist stimulation of TRPV1 increase permeation of large-sized cations (Nat Neurosci, 2008).
  • Chung M.K. and Caterina M.J.: TRP channel knockout mice lose their cool. Neuron, 54:345-347, 2007. [Full text

  • Chung M.K., Guler A.D., Caterina M.J.: Biphasic currents evoked by chemical or thermal activation of the heat-gated ion channel, TRPV3. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 280:15928-41, 2005. [Full text

  • Chung M.K., Lee H., Mizuno A., Suzuki M., Caterina M.J.: 2-Aminonethoxydiphenyl borate activates and sensitizes the heat-gated ion channel, TRPV3. Journal of Neuroscience, 24:5177-5182, 2004. [Full text]

  • Chung M.K., Lee H., Mizuno A., Suzuki M., Caterina M.J.: TRPV3 and TRPV4 mediate warmth-evoked currents in primary mouse keratinocytes. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 279: 21569-21575, 2004. [Full text]

  • Chung M.K., Lee H., Caterina M.J.: Warm Temperatures Activate TRPV4 in Mouse 308 Keratinocytes. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 278:32037-32046, 2003. [Full text]