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Evidence-Based Dentistry Seminar
Department Of Endodontics, Prosthodontics and Operative Dentistry
Wednesday,December 16, 2009

Several chronic pain conditions, including TMD, are more prevalent in women. Many studies of experimental pain sensitivity have shown women to be more pain sensitive than men. Multiple biological and psychological factors are likely be responsible for this sex difference. Dr. Greenspan will present research findings that reveal sex differences in neural processing related to pain, and their potential role in chronic orofacial pain epidemiology.

Joel Greenspan, PhD
Professor and Chair
University of Maryland Dental School
Department of Neural & Pain Sciences

Topic: Gender Differences in Pain and Their Relevance to Chronic Orofacial Pain

Date: Wednesday,December 16, 2009

Time: 12PM - 1PM

Location: University of Maryland Dental School

Room: G307

CE Credits: 1

Course Objectives:

  • Understanding procedures involved in quantitative sensory testing (QST).
  • Understanding the neural mechanisms contributing to individual differences in pain sensitivity.
  • Recognizing that alterations in central nervous system processing - central sensitization - contribute to the pain experience in chronic orofacial pain.

Key Citations: