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Year 1
ENDO 567AEmergencies in Endodontics9-36
ENDO 568AFundamental of Endo2-2
ENDO 558AGraduate Conjoint Seminar211
ENDO 567BAdvanced Case Analysis211
ENDO 568BTreatment Planning Seminar4-22
ENDO 569AClinical Endodontics48-1824
ENDO 569BEndodontic Techniques3-3
ENDO 578BResearch in Endodontics6-33
ENDO 588ABiol Basis of Endodontic Therapy6-33
ENDO 589LTopical Literature Review633
ENDO 598ACurrent Endodontic Literature6-33
ENDO 599ASpecial Topics6-11
DBMS 605Scientific Writing11
DBMS 608Introduction to Biomedical Research11
DBMS 618Special Topics in Immunology (Sec 08) TBA31
DBMS 618Special Topics In Microbiology (Sec 04)3-1
DBMS 628Adv. Head & Neck Anatomy4-4
DBMS 638Biostatistics (Sec 02)3-3
DBMS 642Nociception, Pain and Analgesia22
DPAT 612Oral Pathology Problems22
DPAT 613Oral Pathology Problems22
DSUR 569BPhysical Diagnosis44
Year 2
ENDO 558CGraduate Conjoint Seminar111
ENDO 567DAdvanced Case Analysis211
ENDO 568CClinical Emergencies in Endodontics12-66
ENDO 568DTreatment Planning Seminar4-22
ENDO 569CAdvanced Clinical Endodontics36-1818
ENDO 569DPedagogical Techniques in Endodontics2-11
ENDO 578DResearch in Endodontics6-33
ENDO 588CBiological Basis of Endodontic Therapy6-33
ENDO 589MTopical Literature Review6-33
ENDO 598CCurrent Endodontic Literature6-33
ENDO 599CSpecial Topics6-11
DBMS 618Special Topics in DBMS/Micro (Sec 04)3-2
DBMS 799Research (Master's students)2
PERI 587AContemporary Implant Dentistry3-12
Year 3
ENDO 558EGraduate Conjoint Seminar2-11
ENDO 567EAdvanced Case Analysis2-11
ENDO 568ETreatment Planning Seminar4-22
ENDO 569EAdvanced Clinical Endodontics36-1818
ENDO 577EPedagogical Techniques in Endodontics2-11
ENDO 578EResearch in Endodontics6-33
ENDO 588EBiological Basis of Endodontic Therapy
ENDO 589ETopical Literature Review6-33
ENDO 598ECurrent Endodontic Literature6-33
DBMS 636Pharmacology of Anesthetic Drugs33
DBMS 799Research (Master's students)22
DPAT 616Advanced Histopathology33
DPAT 617Advanced Histopathology33