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Scholarship Endeavors
Department of Endodontics, Prosthodontics and Operative Dentistry

Abstracts: 2007 - 2008

  • Noohi B; Masri, RM; Driscoll, CF; Romberg, E: Effect of Lubricants on the Retention of Cast Post and Cores. J Den Res 2008; 87:
  • L. Zhu, M. Tolba, D. Arola, M. Salloum, J. Alvarez, F. Meza, and A. Fouad. Theoretical evaluation of tissue damage using Er,Cr:YSGG Laser for root canal preparation. Proceedings of ASME 2008 Summer Bioengineering Conference (BIO2008) June 25-29, Marriott Resort, Marco Island, Florida, USA
  • Fouad AF, Nandakumar R, Paster BJ. Diversity of endodontic microflora in patients with different clinical variables J Dent Res 2008; March Special issue. Abstract #565
  • P. Chand, R. Nandakumar , Fouad AF. Single vs. Multiple visits: A molecular analysis of persistent bacteria following single vs. multiple visit preparation. J Endod 2008: 34 (3): 349.
  • Dalrymple, G.B., Nandakumar, R., Fouad, AF. Identification of antibiotic resistance genes in primary and persistent endodontic infections. J Endod 2008: 34 (3): 350.
  • Kholodenko, Y., Nandakumar, R., Hnidza, B., Fouad, AF. The effect of endodontic instrumentation techniques on the amount of periapically extruded bacteria. J Endod 2008: 34 (3): 363.
  • Russo JA, Mirchandani R., Nandakumar R, Fouad AF. Molecular identification of E. faecalis and other bacteria in periapical lesions J Endod 2008: 34 (3): 353.
  • Nandakumar R, Tofigh M, Paster BJ, Barbuto S., Fouad AF. Diversity and Sources of Enterococcus Spp in Endodontic Infections. J Dent Res 2008. Special issue. Abstract #751
  • Fouad AF, Paster BJ, Nandakumar R, Barbuto S. Microbial diversity in primary and therapy-resistant endodontic infections. J Dent Res 2008. Special issue. Abstract #1525
  • Hack, GD, Chand, PS, Shah, CP, Fouad AF. Early Introduction of Advanced Digital Radiography Utilizing Newly Designed Mobile X-Ray Cabinets. American Dental Education Association Annual Meeting.
  • Huang GT, SHI S, Djouad F, Tuan RS. Lentiviral Vector-Mediated Transduction of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells. J. Dent. Res., 2008.
  • Huang GT, Shi S, Tuan RS.. Characterization of Dental Stem Cells from Pulp and Apical Papilla in vitro. J. Endodont., AAE, 2008.
  • Huang GT Pulp Stem Cells for Pulp Regeneration. J. Endodont., 07-E-38-AAE, 2007.
  • Huang GT, Ego-Osuala D, PARK SH, Shea LD, Tuan RS. Pulp Stem Cells Grown in Scaffolds and on Dentin. J. Dent. Res., #1447, 2007.(session chair)
  • Keith A. Mays, Maureen L. Stone. Compensatory Mandibular Movement during Speech in Response to Intra-Oral Perturbation: A Preliminary Evaluation of Vowels and Consonants. AADR 2008 (Abstract 191)
  • L.G. SENSI, H. STRASSLER. Comparison of cutting efficiency of dentated burs. J Dent Res, March Special Issue, Abstract no. 1021
  • R. RUSH, J. WHITING, H. STRASSLER, and L.G. SENSI. Color stability of self-etch/self-adhesive resin cements. J Dent Res, Abstract no. 3139
  • F.C. MARSON, L.G. SENSI, H. STRASSLER, H. RIEHL, R. REIS. In-Office Bleaching Gel Application Times: Clinical Evaluation. J Dent Res, Abstract no. 1027
  • F.C. MARSON, L.G. SENSI, H. STRASSLER, L. MIRAZIZ, and H. RIEHL. In-Office Bleaching Gel-Application Time Evaluation (3x15min X 1x45min): Pilot studies. J Dent Res, Abstract no. 1027
  • Strassler HE. Can stimulation be used to teach caries diagnosis, detection and treatment? ADEA meeting, Dallas, Texas, 2008
  • Moreau JL, Weir MD, Xu HHK. Mechanical and cellular properties of in situ setting collagen-calcium phosphate bone cement. Abstract submitted to IADR 2008 meeting in Toronto.
  • Weir MD, Xu HHK. Characterization of Cell Differentiation on CPC for Bone Tissue Engineering. Abstract submitted to IADR 2008 meeting in Toronto.