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Baccalaureate of Science
Dental Hygiene


Pre-requisite courses for the Baccalaureate (BS)  program must be taken at an accredited college or university of the student's choice.*Preference is given to students who take these courses at a 4 year university**.  Please note that students are required to earn at least a C grade in all pre-requisite courses. No grades lower than C will be accepted. Fifty-seven credits of coursework is required:

Science Courses*:

 Anatomy/Physiology I and II                                      8
General Biology                                                           4
Microbiology                                                                 4
Inorganic or General Chemistry                               4
Organic Chemistry                                                      4

*16-20 of the above sciences must be complete at the end of the fall semester PRIOR to the fall you wish to attend our program. Sciences must be current; taken within 5-7 years of the application year.

Non-Science Courses

Basic Statistics                                                             3
Technical or Research in  Writing                             3
English Composition                                                   3
English Literature                                                         3
Introduction to Psychology                                          3
Introduction to Sociology                                             3
Principles of Nutrition*                                                 3
Public Speaking                                                            3
Social Sciences                                                            6
Humanities                                                                    3

Total Credits:                                                                57


All courses must be complete at the end of the Spring semester PRIOR to the fall you wish to attend our program. All entering students are juniors and all students begin in the fall semester.


Core Coursework is done at the University of Maryland Dental School, Dental Hygiene program.

Junior Year

General Pharmacology and Therapeutics                3
Care and Management of the Special Patient          2
Methods and Materials in Dentistry                             2
Periodontics for the Dental Hygienist I                       3
Periodontics for the Dental Hygienist II                      2
Prevention and Control I                                                5
Prevention and Control II                                               5
Oral/Dental Anatomy                                                      3
Oral Histology                                                                 1.5
Oral Microbiology                                                           1.5
General and Oral Pathology                                          3

Oral Radiology  I                                                            2

Oral Radiology II                                                            2

Oral Health Literacy and Communication                1

Senior Year

Advanced Clinical Practice I                                        5
Advanced Clinical Practice II                                       5
Community Oral Health                                               3
Community Service Learning                                     2
Education Program Development                             2
Health Care Management                                           2
Introduction to Oral Health Research                        3
Issues in Health Care Delivery                                   2
Perspectives of Dental Hygiene Practice                  3

Total Credits                120


Students in their senior spring semester, take a written National Board and a clinical board (Northeast Regional Board). Upon graduation, and receiving a passing grade on their boards, students may sit for licensure according to individual state rules and regulations.