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Dental Hygiene Program Bachelor of Science GoalsDental Hygiene


  • Provide education in a broader perspective
  • Develop future leaders and educators in the dental profession
  • Provide quality comprehensive and ethical dental hygiene care to individuals of all means and backgrounds
  • Possess the capabilities to provide ethical, evidence-based, state-of-the-art care in a  dynamic health care environment
  • Contribute to the growth, development and professionalism of dental hygiene as espoused in the ADHA Code of Ethics through personal professional development and life-long learning
  • Promote optimal oral health and its relationship to general health among diverse population groups
  • Utilize a pragmatic process of care protocol when offering health care programs or services  to individual and diverse population groups while facilitating access to care and services
  • Develop high level technological skills for use in professional, clinical and didactic environments