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Bachelor of Science Program
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Dental Hygiene Program
Office of Admissions

Applicants for the Dental Hygiene Bachelor of Science program should begin to submit their applications November 1 and no later than February 1 to be considered for admission. The recommended minimum GPA for applicants is 3.0, preference in admission is given to students with high scholastic averages, especially in the sciences. Applications that are submitted or remain incomplete after the deadline will not be considered. 16-20 of the 24 science credits MUST be complete at the end of the fall semester PRIOR to the fall you wish to be considered for our program. All pre-requisite courses MUST be complete at the end of the spring semester PRIOR to the fall you wish to be considered for our dental hygiene program.

Baccalaureate degree seeking students are also required to observe a registered dental hygienist who is presently working in private practice for a minimum of eight hours to increase awareness and knowledge of the profession prior to applying for the Dental Hygiene Program.  Please use this form to have your Shadowing Hours documented.

Applications for the Bachelor of Science program are reviewed by the committee on Dental Hygiene Recruitment and Admissions for the following: completeness of application, completion of required courses, GPA of required science courses, overall GPA of required courses, overall academic record (including repeats, failures, withdrawals, etc.), personal statement, professional demeanor, interest and knowledge of the dental hygiene profession, and quality of recommendation letters.


Female dental student working in the sim lab.

The following application materials should be submitted by February 1:

Dental Hygiene Baccalaureate Program Application (Click Here)

Signature form (at end of electronic application)
$75.00 Application Fee, made payable to the University of Maryland


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Official Transcripts

Official transcripts must be received from each college or university attended.  Foreign transcripts must be evaluated by WES or ECE. DO NOT OPEN THE SEALED ENVELOPES or the transcripts will not be official and new ones will be needed. If you are enrolled in school during the fall semester, request another transcript after fall grades have been included.

Two Letters of Recommendation

One recommendation letter must be from a college-level science teacher and another from a dental hygienist or dentist.  Letters should be addressed to the Committee on Dental Hygiene Recruitment and Admissions.  Each letter should be placed in a sealed envelope with the referrer’s signature across the closure and submitted with the application.  Please use the downloadable supplemental form for your letters.  Letters of recommendation must be from non-family members. Members of the Dental Hygiene faculty at the University of Maryland CANNOT write letters of recommendation. You may wish to submit another recommendation from an employer for a total of three (3) letters of recommendation.

In-state Classification Form

Please complete if you wish to be considered for in-state tuition

 International Students

  • Applicants must submit completed applications and all supporting documents, by November 1. Foreign documents must be certified official and be submitted in sealed envelopes from the institution issuing them. If the documents are not in English, they must include an English translation. WES or ECE evaluations are required. Ask for a course by course evaluation.
  • Please see for rules and regulations regarding international students.
  • Applicants born outside the U.S. and who have never attended a U.S. college or university must demonstrate English language proficiency. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is required. Results should be sent to the Office of Admissions and Student Affairs. The code number is 5848.

TOEFL scores must be between 80-85 iBT (internet based test), 550 paper based or 213 computer based to be considered for the dental hygiene program here at the University of Maryland Baltimore.