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Degree Completion Bachelor of Science Program
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Dental Hygiene  Program
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The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of students who wish to enroll full-time. The total degree requirement is 120 semester credits. Students may apply a maximum of 90 semester hours of approved transfer credits (toward the 120 total) in dental hygiene and general education courses. Please note that students are required to earn at least a C grade in all pre-requisite courses. No grades lower than C will be accepted. The length of time to complete the program is one year.

(The Committee on Dental Hygiene Recruitment and Admissions reserves the right to modify the prerequisites when additional courses are necessary to improve an applicant's preparation for entering the dental hygiene program. Admission and curriculum requirements are subject to change without prior notice.)

SCIENCE Requirements15 credits
One lower division course in each of the following (credit hours may vary for each course)
Chemistry (General, Organic or Biochemistry)
Anatomy and Physiology
Non-Science requirments30 credits
English Composition9 credits
General Psychology3 credits
GeneralSociology3 credits
Speech3 credits
Statistics3 credits
(These course can be taken in the categories of literature, philosophy, foreign languages, music and art appreciation, fine arts, math, particular education courses and history.  Courses must be academic, non-studio courses.  Physical Education courses are not transferable.)

Social Sciences
(Social science electives can be taken in the categories of psychology and sociology (other than the required introductory course), anthropology, political science, economics, Cultural Studies, Woman's Studies, geography, business management, religion, information systems (not keyboarding courses) and education,  Introduction to Computers (academic course) is often a General Education Requirement for college freshman and would be an acceptable 3 credit social science electives.)

9 credits

Additional Course requirEmentsDental Hygiene Courses45 creditsVariable
Credit Hours
Credit Hours
TOTAL OF 90 CREDITS OF general COURSe requirements