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Degree Completion Bachelor of Science Program
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Dental Hygiene  Program
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The remaining 30 credits of courses necessary to complete the BS Degree consist of 18-24 hours taken at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry in the Department of Dental Hygiene and 6-12 hours of upper level electives which must be approved by the Degree Completion Program Director and which must be taken at a University of Maryland campus. Some elective credits may be available via distance education online. (Length of time to complete the program varies, depending on the number of transfer credits and course load.)

 Students update and expand their knowledge and skills in dental hygiene practice, communication, management, research, educational and community/institutional health. In cooperation with faculty advisors, they may design and implement one or more independent projects within the School of Dentistry or at community sites. Degree completion students may select teaching, research, management, clinical practice or other practicums to meet their learning goals. Through these courses and projects, students gain expertise and confidence in areas of career interest.


upper division COURSE requirEmenTS
*Offered at University of Maryland, off campus
Seminars I & II6 credits
Perspectives of Dental Hygiene Practice3 credits
Educational Program Development2 credits
Scientific and Professional Communication2 credits
Introduction to Oral Health Research3 credits
Dental Hygiene Practicums I & II2 to 8 credits
Upper Division Electives*6 to 12 credits
TOTAL OF 30 CREDITS OF COURSe requirements