Examination Policies


Each semester, every effort is made to schedule examinations at appropriate intervals based on the curriculum and course director preference. Prior to finalizing the academic schedule, there will be an opportunity for feedback from the respective class president or their designee. Once schedules have been finalized, however, any change of examination dates can only be considered in exceptional circumstances (e.g., emergencies, inclement weather) and will be managed between the course director(s) and the Office of Academic Affairs.

Conduct of Examinations

Each examination is scheduled to begin at a specific time as indicated by the course coordinator. Specific start times are applicable to all students scheduled to take examinations regardless of whether the exam is an online or paper and regardless of whether the student is on-site or off-site. Presenting late to scheduled examinations distracts other test takers, inconveniences proctors who are scheduled in advance for each testing situation and compromises the security of exam taking conditions.

For fairness and consideration to all on-site and off-site students and proctors, a 15 minute leeway is the maximum allowable time provided for a student to present for an examination and begin taking their exam. Students must check in at the scheduled start time for an exam. At the discretion of the course coordinator, students arriving at an examination 15 minutes after the scheduled start time may not be allowed to sit for the scheduled exam. The course coordinator will decide the outcome of a student missing an exam which may include, but is not limited to, receiving a zero for the examination and academic counseling with both faculty and administrators of the School of Dentistry.

Academic Dishonesty

Cheating, plagiarism, violating copyright laws and other acts of academic dishonesty are held as serious offenses and can result in dismissal from the program. Instructors have the responsibility to report any such incidents in writing to the Professional Conduct Committee (Judicial Board). Additionally, students have the responsibility to report such incidents to the Professional Conduct Committee. Serious penalties may be imposed which, depending on the nature of the incident, could include loss of course points, failure of the course, permanent expulsion from the class, program or college or other action deemed appropriate by the Professional Conduct Committee.

Each student enrolled in the School of Dentistry is expected to have reviewed the Judicial Policy, available electronically on the dental school's website by clicking here.

Each student enrolled in the School of Dentistry is expected to comply with the Student Judicial Policy, and conduct during examinations is governed by the same.

Conduct During Examinations

  • For all exams, students must bring their UMB One Card (student ID) and have their ID visibly displayed.
  • Students will enter the examination room and be seated by filling the rows from the front of the room to the back.
  • Students may not leave the examination room once it begins without permission of the course director or the proctor unless they have completed the exam.
  • No food or beverages are allowed in the examination room.
  • Students must refrain from talking once the examination begins.
  • Activity in examination rooms will be recorded via video cameras.
  • No electronic, hand-held or wearable devices are permitted. Examples include: smartphones and other mobile phones (even if they are turned off), smart watches, tablets, cameras, USB devices, PDAs, CDs, personal music players, etc.
  • All book bags, hats (except religious), electronic devices, books, pens, and papers should be placed in students’ personal lockers prior to entering the examination room.  If these personal items are brought into the examination room, they will be required to be placed in the front of the room.

Updated:  September 1, 2014

Reviewed:  August 1, 2016

Updated:  September 1, 2018