Policy for Appeal of Advancement Decisions

Appeals Process

The following guidelines have been established to review appeals of decisions made by the Progression Committees, or in cases of dismissal, decisions made by the Faculty Assembly. This mechanism will not be used to dispute the published advancement guidelines which have been approved by the Faculty Assembly. Students may seek guidance from the Director of Student Counseling regarding the appeal process.

1. A student wishing to appeal an advancement or dismissal decision must initiate the appeal process within 5 working days of receiving written notification from the Office of Academic Affairs regarding Advancement Committee decisions, or from the Dean regarding dismissal decisions made by the Faculty Assembly. In this written appeal, the student must present evidence of compelling additional information or extenuating circumstances not previously considered and the reason why the information was not previously presented. The written appeal must include: the decision the student is appealing; the specific basis for the appeal, including appropriate supporting documentation; and the academic status that the student is requesting. The student may present and prioritize more than one alternative.

2. The appeal, which must be submitted in writing to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, will be reviewed by an ad hoc panel composed of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and two department chairs.

3. The review panel will determine whether the student's written appeal meets the criteria outlined above. Should the panel determine that an appeal lacks the required evidence, the appeal will be denied. In these circumstances, there is no further appeal.

4. Should the panel determine that an appeal meets the required criteria outlined above; the panel will forward the appeal to the Progression Committee for its consideration.

5. The Progression Committee will meet within ten working days, when possible, of receiving the initial appeal request from the review panel.

6. The Committee will issue a written decision within five days of its meeting, when possible. The Committee's decision is final and there is no further appeal. The Committee's decision shall be forwarded to the Faculty Assembly for information.

Reviewed:  August 1, 2016