Dental Hygiene Registration

Students must register for coursework each semester in order to maintain degree candidacy. The Dental School Office of Academic Affairs distributes specific information about registration prior to registration dates.

Those students who advance register and subsequently decide not to attend must notify both the Dental Hygiene Program and the Office of Academic Affairs prior to the first day of classes.

If the Office of Academic Affairs has not been notified by 4:30 p.m. of the last day before classes begin, it is assumed that the student plans to attend and the student assumes financial obligations for that semester.

Students may advance-register on-line through the Student UseR Friendly System (SURFS). After classes begin, students who wish to add/drop or withdraw must follow the university procedures and should contact the Dental Hygiene Office to initiate the process. Students who are registered for classes at other USM campuses must also follow the add/drop and withdrawal procedures at those campuses.

Students will be exempt from campus-sponsored health insurance if they present proof of comparable coverage to the Office of Student and Employee Health once each year. If such proof is not received by the Office of Student and Employee Health, the student will be required to pay for the student policy.

Students who take courses at other USM campuses while enrolled in the Dental Hygiene Program must register at both UMB and the other campus. Inter-campus registration forms may be obtained from the Office of Academic Affairs.

All courses taken at other institutions that are to be used toward graduation requirements must be documented via official transcripts submitted to the Office of the Registrar. Each student must assume responsibility for submitting all necessary transcripts.

Reviewed 11/23/2016