Readmission to the Dental Hygiene Program

Subsequent to dismissal or withdrawal for academic deficiencies, readmission may be sought through reapplication to the Dental Hygiene Program. In order to initiate the readmissions process, the former student shall submit a letter to the Office of Admissions and Career Advancement, requesting readmission to the Dental Hygiene Program, with supporting documents, (i.e., current application, etc.) indicating the reasons why he/she should be reconsidered. Students dismissed for violations of the Professional Code of Conduct are ineligible for readmission.

Once the letter of application has been processed by the Office of Admission and Career Advancement, the Committee on Dental Hygiene Recruitment and Admissions will consider the student for readmission. The process of reconsideration will or may include a careful review of the student’s academic record, a study of the reasons for readmission, an assessment of the student’s potential for academic progress in the future, and consultation with the appropriate departments, the progression committee, and administrative and non-administrative faculty members within the Dental School. Recommendations relative to the readmission will be referred to the Committee on Dental Hygiene Recruitment and Admissions in conjunction with the Office of Admissions and Career Advancement for final decision and notification, including conditions for readmission, where appropriate. Decisions resulting from due process of this policy are not subject to appeal.

Reviewed 11/23/2016