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Confocal Microscope, inverted

Radiance 2100, BioRad
Core Imaging Facility

Quanta SEM

The BioRad Radiance 2100  is a laser scanning confocal microscope capable of multichannel fluorescnece, reflectance and transmitted light imaging.  The scan head is attached to a Nikon Eclipse TE300 inverted microscope, which has optics and filters for fluorescence and DIC applications.  

Features and Specifications

Nikon Plan 10X / 0.25, Ph1, DL
Nikon PlanFluor 20X / 0.50, Ph1, DLL, WD 2.1
Nikon PlanFluor 40X / 0.75, Ph2, DLL, WD 0.72
Nikon PlanApo 60X A/ 1.40 Oil, DIC H, WD 0.21
Nikon PlanApo 100X/ 1.40 Oil, DIC H , WD 0.13

Argon Laser (457, 477, 488, 514 nm)
HeNe laser (543 nm)
Red laser diode (637 nm).

Laser lineFluorophore typeExamples
457 nmCyanAlexa Fluor 430, BO-PRO-1, CFP
476 nmGreenDiO, FM 1-43, NBD-X
488 nmGreenAlexa Fluor 488, Calcein, Cy2, eGFP, FITC, Oregon Green, YO-PRO-1
514 nmYellowAlexa Fluor 514, EthD-1, YFP
543 nmRedAlexa Fluor 546, 555, and 568, Cy3, DiI, DsRed, Phycoerythrin (PE), Propidium Iodine (PI), Rhodamine, Texas Red, TRITC
637 nmFar RedAlexa Fluor 633 and 647, Allophycocyanin (APC), Cy5, TO-PRO-3

The LaserSharp operating software allows simultaneous and sequential collection of 2D, 3D, and 4D images that can be collected in a horizontal plane, vertical plane, xyz horizontal stack, or a timed sequence. Stacks and timed sequences can be used to create an animation series.

User Fee

The Radiance 2100 is charged at $20 per hour at an hourly increment.  For more information or scheduling scope training, please contact CIF Director.

Scope Availability and Reseravation Fee

Registration and scope training are required before users are allowed to use the CIF scopes and instrument.   Registered users will be assigned user name and password to access CIF server and scope reservation calendar.  Follow the link below  for registration and scope reservation.  Please contact CIF Director to schedule scope trainings.