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Automated freeze substitution system

Leic Microsystem
Core Imaging Facility

altLeica AFSo 2100 cryo transfer chamber

The Leica AFS2  performs automated freeze substitution and progressive lowering of temperature (PLT) techniques and allows low temperature embedding and polymerization of resins. The unit includes LED illumination for easy viewing and working within the chamber.

The freeze subsitution processor EM FSP is an automatic reagent handling system which sits atop the EM AFS2. It dispenses reagents for both freeze substitution and PLT techniques. By automatically diluting reagents from 100% stock containers, it reduces reagent handling.

The special features of Leica AFS2 includes:

  •   "Deep Freeze" allows sample transfer at temperatures below -140°C
  •   Mouse controlled color screen
  •    USB flash drive/memory stick connectivity
  •    Fume exhaust system for operator safety
  •    One step preparation
  •    Efficient UV polymerization with built-in LED UV lamp
  •    FS and PLT
  •    "Check" function guides operator for filling reagents
  •    minimizes operator contact with toxic material
  •    Reduces risk of specimen loss

This instrument was purchased with funding from a NIH S10 Shared Instrument grant award.

Immunogold labeling of specimen prepared by cryo EM sample preparation method

cryo SEM, spinal cordIEM, HPF_AFS




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