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Pasteur/Rockefeller Platform Management System
Core Imging Facility


     The PPMS system is a web-based application for the management of technology-related shared core facilities (platforms). It is developed by Pasteur Institute and Rockefeller University. Its features and functionalities arose directly from the ideas, the experience, the habits and the feedback of the staff and users of the PFID platform in the Pasteur Institute and of the BIRC facility of the Rockefeller University.

     University of Maryland, Baltimore is a licensed user of PPMS.  UMB reserachers who require the usage of electron and confocal microscopes  in Core Imaging Facility can use this web-based management system to reserve scope hours and report scope issues.
              -Only registered CIF users can request a PPMS-CIF  account.  A one time $50 registration fee will be applied.  Click here to register.

-At the moment, all scope hours are reserved at an hourly basis.   However, user will be charged of the actual time used

-Please do not block off scope hours if you do not plan to use it. 

-Cancellations can to be made 12 hours before the reserved scope time without penalty charges. If cancellation is made less than 12 hours or not made at all, users will be charged at least 1/2 of the reserved scope time.  Repetitive offenders will be charged at the full rate and risk denial of access to the facility.