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CIF Data Server
Core Imaging Facility


     Core Imaging Facility data server is used for image/data transfer and temporary storage.  Image folders are assigned by research groups.  Members from the same research group share the same user name and password to access specfic data folders.  Users are strongly advised to download and store image data into personal storage device as soon as possible. CIF can not be held responsible for the safe keeping of data stored in the server. Any misuse of the server will result in termination of access.

    Steps to download images from CIF server. Also see server access instruction below.

  • Follow the link below to access CIF server,
  • ignore the security certificate warning and click on "Continue to this website (Not recommended)".  
  • A pop up log in menu will open.  Type in your  "user name" and "password" to access your own data folder.  Passwords are case sensitive.
  • A list of directories will be displayed.   Find and click open the folder corresponding to your user name.
  • Click on the image folder that matches  the work order number of your project.
  • Right click on the image file and "save target as"