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Registration Information
Core Imaging Facility


     A user registration is required before the start of Core Imaging Facility services. Registered users will be assigned a CIF account number, user ID, password and a desginated image folder allocated on the CIF image server..   The same password will  be required  to access CIF image server,  scope reservation calendar and scoper opeartion software. For administration purposes, user accounts are set up by research groups.  Users from one research group share the same account number and password.  A one time registration fee of $50 will be applicable to the research group if members are registered in the same time. 

     Registration is simple.  Fill out the registration form.   You will receive a confirmation e-mail with your account number, user ID and password within a couple of days. 

     In order to set up each account for billing,  please provide principle investigator's (PI) name and the UMB chart string PCBU and Projecct ID.

     Please also provide at least one daytime phone number so facility staff can reach you when specific questions arise regarding to your sample and processing procedures.  It is also recommened that UMB users  use UMB email address for registration and communciation with CIF.  This is to ensure your communciations to CIF not be screened into junk mail box.

     If you would like to be included in the CIF mailing list to receive facility news and event announcement, please send an e-mail to CIF with "CIF mailing list" in the subject .