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Payment Methods
Core Imaging Facility

Please note that our payment method have changed

     Starting from March 2011, Core Imaging Facility staff will conduct  journal entry to collect the payment.  All UMB users will receive an itemized invoice in the  beginning of each month.    UMB chart string PCBU and Project ID associated with each user and work order are listed in the invoice.  Journal entry will be conducted by CIF staff on the date of the invoice.   Users from other U Maryland system campus can process CIF invoice by R-star or pay by check.  Non UMB users can process the payment by check or credit card.  An additional  4% service charge will be applied  to each credit  card transaction.  The instructions for various payment methods for users from different institution are listed below.  Contact CIF Director if you need a quote at the beginning of the project.

      Users with two outstanding invoices will be refused access and service until all balance is cleared.

MorePayment Method for UMB Users

MorePayment Method for Users from Other U Maryland Campus

MorePayment Method for Users from Other Institutions or For-Profit Organization


  • Payment Method for UMB Users

      UMB user must provide a valid UMB chart string PCBU, Project ID and the e-mail address of the finance manager of his/her UMB accounts before the start of the project.    At the end of each month, CIF staff will process the invoice and conduct journal entry  of all the projects completed in that month. 

     A copy of the invoice and the record of journal entry will be sent by e-mail to the user and the finance manager.   Itemized charges and UMB account information are listed in each invoice. 

    User must contact CIF within two weeks of the date of invoice if there is any question of the invoice.


  • Payment Method for Users from Other U Maryland Campus

    Funds transfer between two U Maryland campuses must be processed by a R*STAR transfer (Relational Standard Accounting and Reporting System). Information of UMB agency code and CIF account number must be included with payment.

UMB R*STARS coding:    Agency Code: R 31
                                             PCA: 02440
                                             Object Code: 8337
                                             Transaction Code: 410

Core Imaging Facility Account:    PCBU: 00135
                                                           Project ID: 00390508

             More Information about R*STAR  More


  • Payment Method for Users from Other Institutions or For-Profit Organization

To pay by checks: Make checks payable to:   UMB Core Imaging Facility
Mail the check  with the invoice number  noted on the check to:
                      Core Imaging Facility
                      Attn: Dr. Ru-ching Hsia
                      Room 7-037 Bressler Building,
                      655 W. Baltimore St.
                      Baltimore, Maryland 21201

To pay by credit card, CIF staff will contact you to collect credit card information by the time of billing.  Please note a 4% service charge will be applied.