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Core Imaging Facility


Core Imaging Facility  provides a wide range of electron microscopy  related research serivces.  All services are available to anyone, academic or private users, with an interest in electron microscopy.

  • Conventaional TEM sample preparation including embedding in various types of resin and ultrathin sectioning.
  • Conventiaonl SEM sample preparation including chemical dehydration, critical point drying and sputter coating.
  • Immuno electron microscopy using pre-embedding, post embedding or Takuyasu methods.
  • Negative staining of purfiied macromolecular complexes, bacteria, viruses, liposomes, nanoparticles, or viral like particles (VLP).
  • Cryo-sample preparation for both TEM and SEM including high pressure freezing, freeze substituion, cryo-ultramicrotomy, plunge freezing and freeze fracture.
  • Advanced microscopy techniques, such as cryoEM, correlative LM/EM  and 3D EM for pilot studies.
  • Electron microscopes imaging for trained or novice users.
  • Supporting equipment usage.
  • Education, consultation and training.

We strive to treat every project individually and optimize for each project's specific requirement.